Materials :

1. ®Bawega – fabric composed of: 68% polyester 27% viscose 5% elastane

®Bawega otherwise known as “memory” is an exclusive new generation fabric. A characteristic feature is remembering the original shape, which makes it wrinkle-resistant. Due to the tightly twisted fibers, it is easy to model. The fabric is shiny on both sides. Resistance to dirt is an extraordinary advantage. It is recommended for people who value elegance and comfort. Weight: 195 g / Washing temperature: up to 40 ° C

2. Optimus Pro – fabric composed of: 35% cotton 65% polyester

Optimus Pro is a certified fabric designed for people whose work requires constant washing of clothes at very high temperatures. It has a delicate structure. It is known for its breathing properties. Perfect for jackets and jackets and all kinds of medical clothing. Meets the standards ENV 14237, PN-P 84525, EN 340. Weight: 210 g / Washing temperature: up to 95 ° C

Attachments :

1. Optimus Pro Certificate of Conformity – Download

1. Optimus Pro quality certificate – Download